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The Key Plus Community is looking for students who will be committed to the Community and have a desire to strengthen their leadership, community engagement, social justice, service, and career development skills.

Before proceeding to the online form, we encourage you to review the questions listed below.

Please respond to each of the following questions as thoughtfully, concisely, and concretely as possible. Essay responses should be AT LEAST 150 words, and will be one of the factors used by the selection committee to determine acceptance into the Key Plus Community. Admission to Key Plus is based on a range of criteria such as academic standing, judicial record, and evidence of the applicant's commitment, positive contributions, and participation in the residence halls, the campus community, and for past/current Key Communities participants, their positive contributions and participation in the Key Communities.

  1. What has motivated you to apply to the Key Plus program and what do you hope to gain from being a Key Plus student? (150 words minimum)
  2. --For students residing OFF CAMPUS Only: Describe what you hope to contribute to the Key Plus program. (150 words minimum)
  3. --For students residing ON CAMPUS in Braiden Hall or Aggie Village Only: The expectation for students interested in the Key Plus floor/apartment community is that you are an active member. Please describe what you hope to contribute to the Key Plus residential community. (150 words minimum)
  4. Some of the five values of the Key Communities include Academics, Equity, and Community. As a continuing college student, how do you hope to grow/develop in each of these three areas? Please address each value separately (Academics, Equity, and Community) in your response and provide examples of how you hope to grow/develop in each area. (150 words minimum)
  5. Another value of the Key Communities is Leadership. What does Leadership mean to you and how do you hope to grow as a leader through Key Plus? (150 words minimum)

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