CSU Academic Dismissal Appeals

Dismissal Appeal Guidelines

All students on their second consecutive semester of probation who wish to return to CSU the following semester have the right to submit an academic dismissal appeal. The Committee on Scholastic Standards, a faculty committee representing the University’s eight colleges and the Libraries, reviews academic dismissal appeals at least seven days before the beginning of the following semester.

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  • Appeals must include a well-written personal statement and a detailed plan of action for improving academic status. The committee strongly encourages you to include any and all relevant supporting documentation as well as meet with your advisor or academic support coordinator (prior to submission) to review your appeal.
  • In your mandatory written statement, you need to identify the reasons why your academic performance has fallen below expectations and your plan must address the steps you have taken to address and correct any situations which have contributed to poor performance.
  • If an academic dismissal appeal is granted, you will be permitted to register for one additional semester as a degree-seeking student. If your cumulative GPA remains below 2.0 at the end of that semester, you will be dismissed.
  • In addition, if your appeal is granted you must meet with the Collegiate Success Coach during the additional semester granted. The Collegiate Success Coach will provide resources and guidance to further assist you.

Suggestions for a Successful Dismissal Appeal

  • Prepare a thoughtful and well-written statement. Remember, faculty will be reading the appeals and may be negatively influenced by poor writing and/or lack of motivation to take the appeal process seriously.
  • Try to avoid blaming others for your poor grades. Faculty are generally not sympathetic to appeals from students who do not take personal responsibility for their actions.
  • Research and develop a strong plan of action that utilizes the University’s resources for assisting students in academic difficulty.
    • If you plan to take advantage of the university’s "repeat/repair" policy to improve your GPA, be sure to mention so in your appeal.
    • If you are making any lifestyle, job, or major changes that will help to get you back on track, you should discuss this in your appeal
  • Include any pertinent professional or medical documentation that supports your appeal. You may also submit letters of support from advisors, counselors or faculty.

It is your responsibility to be sure that your appeal and any documents are submitted and uploaded successfully. The Status must read “Pending Committee Review.” Email StudentSuccess_ScholasticStandards@mail.colostate.edu with any questions.

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