CSU Academic Dismissal Appeals

Academic Dismissal: Student Options

Academic Dismissal: Student Options

This publication presents important information to students facing academic dismissal from Colorado State University. Students should realize that academic dismissal is not a dead end. Dismissed students do have several options to consider for their academic future. First of all, students facing academic dismissal should read and understand the Scholastic Standards Policy online at www.catalog.colostate.edu. Choose “Scholastic Standards.”

Following are answers to commonly asked questions by dismissed students: 

Can I appeal my dismissal?
Yes, academically dismissed students have the opportunity to appeal their dismissal. Correspondence outlining the appeals process is sent to students by the Collaborative for Student Achievement for the Committee on Scholastic Standards. Dismissed students must pay special attention to deadlines concerning the appeals process. Students who want more information on the appeals process should contact an advisor at the Collaborative for Student Achievement at (970) 491-7095.

If my appeal is denied, what can I do to return to Colorado State?

  • It is essential to speak with an academic support coordinator or advisor in order to choose the best option for you.
  • Attend a community college and meet transfer admission requirements with course work completed at another institution. Strong candidates present at least 15 college-level academic semester credits with a GPA of 2.5 or better; you must complete more than 13 credits to be considered for readmission. The review of your transcript will include an evaluation of the quality and rigor of the course work completed and the grades achieved; completion of non-transferable course work or grades of D and F may negatively impact your admissibility. 
    Students who are eligible to return based on the strength of work completed elsewhere return in Probation 1 status and have two terms to repair the cumulative CSU GPA to 2.0.
  • Repair your cumulative CSU GPA to a 2.0 or higher. To do this, complete course work during the Colorado State University summer session, through the GUEST program or through CSU Online. Students who are eligible to return based on repair of their cumulative CSU GPA return in good academic standing. However, there are limitations and restrictions to both the GUEST program and CSU Online. It is essential to speak with an advisor before registering for these types of classes.

Students who are eligible to return based on the strength of work completed elsewhere return in Probation 1 status and have two terms to repair the cumulative CSU GPA to 2.0.

Do I have to reapply for admission?
Dismissed students must fill out a returning student application once they have satisfied the Scholastic Standards return requirements. Be sure to review the Admissions brochure, “Guidelines for Returning Students,” or the Admissions website, admissions.colostate.edu, for instructions and deadlines. In addition, dismissed students are strongly encouraged to visit with an admissions representative about requirements to return at least six months prior to the term they wish to return.

How do I determine what grades I need to raise my cumulative GPA to a 2.0?
The best way to accomplish this is to meet with an academic advisor who has experience working with grade point averages. Academic advisors at the Collaborative for Student Achievement will be glad to help you figure out what grades you will need to repair your GPA.

What if I have already registered for the next semester and I am dismissed?
Since Summer Session is open to all students, registration for summer classes will not be affected by academic dismissal. Summer online registration begins around the end of January each year.

Registration for fall or spring semester begins during the preceding semester. Students will usually register for the coming semester well before they find out they have been dismissed. It is important to realize that students dismissed at the end of fall or spring will have their next semester’s registration cancelled if their dismissal appeal requests are denied or they are not enrolled in Summer Session. Appeal decisions on dismissals are completed no later than seven business days prior to the first day of classes for the next regular academic semester (either fall or spring).

What if I have already paid for next semester?
Dismissed students may request a refund from Office of Financial Aid/ Client Services, 103 Administration Annex. Students attending courses through CSU Online may request that their tuition refund be transferred to CSU Online by contacting Office of Financial Aid/Client Services in the Administration Annex Building.

As a dismissed student, can I receive Financial Aid?
No, students who have been academically dismissed from Colorado State cannot receive any type of federal, state or institutional aid from the University. This includes all grants, loans, work-study and scholarships originating from Colorado State. Students may still receive aid from outside sources, such as private scholarships, provided the donor authorizes continued support. It is the responsibility of the student to find out if private funding will continue.

Can I live in student housing if I attend Front Range Community College?
No, a student who has been dismissed from Colorado State and is attending Front Range Community College cannot reside in CSU student housing.

What if I have more questions?
The following offices can help answer any additional questions:

Collaborative for Student Achievement

Office of Financial Aid 

CSU Online

Office of Admissions
Email: admissions@colostate.edu

Registrar’s Office

Housing and Food Services